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Aloha Beautiful Swim Families!
Adventure Sports is gearing up for Swim!

We are so blessed to have you in our lives! The outpouring of love and support from our community is overwhelming!

Private Lessons are Full for the month of July!

We will update this page and send out an email for August sign ups!

More camps to come too!

Private Lessons!
You can go to the arcade at the Boardwalk, get your hair cut, shop til you drop at ROSS, and take Private Swim Lessons at Adventure Sports! The Santa Cruz County Environmental Health Department has give us the go ahead to get back in the water!
We will have two classes running at a time. We ask that only one parent remains on the swim deck per family. Please arrive on time, and leave promptly after class. For more information about new 'covid' policies, see the bottom of the page.
We are going to have fun and bring light and energy to your children!
Adventure Camps have been a huge success! We plan on offering these again soon and will send out more information when we have definitive dates! We are looking into a freediving and surf camp......
Family Scuba Class!
Join us for a kid-friendly PADI Open Water Certification class! It's the next step for continuing your child's SCUBA passion!
Dates coming soon!
We are so grateful you are part of our ASU family! May we continue to grow as humans, do the right thing, and have fun doing it!
Feel free to get a hold of us! We are here for you!

Adventure Sports Policies
During 'Covid Times' we have changed our regular policies to maintain a healthy environment for all.
Maximum Occupancy Policy
One parent will be allowed per family. There are clearly marked areas and chairs for each adult watching swim lessons. Chairs and other heavily touched areas will be sanitized hourly.
Please arrive on time and ready to swim! Expect to scoot as soon as you can after class so we don't end up with a 'large gathering' of people.
Hot Tub Policy
In an attempt to ensure everyone's safety and to prevent large gatherings, the Hot Tub is closed at this time.
Bathrooms, Changing Rooms and Showers Policy
Please try and use the bathroom at your home before attending swim class. Bathrooms and changing rooms will be available for one family at a time.
We are limiting the number of showers to keep the 6' distance. There will still be 2 nice and warm showers for before and after the pool!
Make-Up Classes
Due to Covid restrictions, we can not offer ournorma make ups because of our strict guidelines put in place by the County of Santa Cruz Environmental Health Department. We must adhere to the 12:1 ratio with no intermixing. We are willing to work with families to offer make ups on file for a later date. Please contact the swim office for further details if you find yourself sick or needing to miss a swim class.

Contact Us

Contact Us

303 Potrero Street #15
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Phone: 831.458.3648
FAX: 831.458.2352

M-SAT 10am-5pm *Closed Sunday

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