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May 1st and 3rd, 2020 HERE

Our kelp pickling class is a wonderful endeavor for the whole family. It foretells the times of community gatherings to provide food for all. Since early times, home canners have enjoyed the art of pickling foods. It is one of the oldest known methods of preserving food. The Chinese were fermenting vegetables as early as the third century B.C and the Romans were pickling by the first century A.D. Pickles even followed the colonist to America and now picked kelp is coming to Santa Cruz! What a great way to be one with our kelp forest and get a great reward in the form of a delicious treat. We will pick a beach noted for a variety of succulent sea vegetables. Here we will search for our in tide pools and by boogie board. We will then return to Adventure Sports to pickle as only a family group can do-the pool will be open for fun. This is a wonderful activity for everyone in your family and will instill an ethos of community for one and all. We will have an evening of planning on Friday followed by a morning of collecting and pickling on Sunday. Finishing touches for the feast will be assigned to students.

10-17-year-olds are encouraged to attend but must have an adult/guardian take the class with them and must be willing to use a boogie board in the ocean. No license is required for collecting.

Private group outings are also available, call (831) 458-3648 for details.

Sign up for our next class:

May 1st and 3rd, 2020 HERE


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