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Kids Underwater Adventure Klub


We live in one of the most prized ocean environments in the world, the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary. Adventure Sports Unlimited (ASU), through our acclaimed Swim School, has been teaching the children of Santa Cruz to play and succeed in the art of swimming. Our SCUBA School is also renowned for its in preparing and introducing people to the magnificence of our water wilderness. We would like to introduce our budding aquanauts to unique space of the Monterey Bay. Through a series of guided pool adventures for our children using SCUBA (PADI Bubble Maker and Seal Team programs) and surface air-supplied snorkeling for youth (SASY), using the unique ASU approach. After which we invite all of our participating families to join us on summer outing to explore the splendor of a pool-like lagoon in the sanctuary.

Adventure Sports Bubblemakers

The Adventure Sports Bubblemakers program introduces the exciting underwater world of scuba to children. This programs will introduce the basic use of SCUBA and through a series of pool-based adventures the participants will learn to explore the aquatic realm. Through this program we hope impart knowledge of scuba, our local marine and develop life-long skills. Participant will have the chance the assemble the SCUBA unit and once-comfortable partake in various underwater activities.

Ages 8-10

Required: Mask/Snorkel/Fins

Swim Test: 2 length of the Pool unassisted

Surface Air-Supplied for Youth (SASY)

The Adventure Sports Surface Air-Supplied for Youth introduces the young children to breathing on a scuba regulator while swimming on the surface. Through this program we hope to begin to introduce children of the excitement of exploring aquatic realm while imparting knowledge of our local marine environment, and develop life-long skills. Participants will have the chance to partake in various surface pool adventures in a shallow water.

Ages 5-8

Required: Mask/Snorkel

Participant must be comfortable with have face submerged in water

KUAK Pricing

4 Classes Bubblemakers Pack (ages 8-10) – $280

4 Classes SASY Pack (ages 5-8) – $260

Class Dates/Times

 - Canceled until further notice due to Covid

SASY 3-5pm
Bubblemakers 5-7pm

Adventure Activities

Kelp Dives/Maze work/Navigation

Marine Biology/Seafood Foraging

Wreck Dive/Cave Dive

Propulsion Device Navigation/Treasure Recovery

Night Dive/Light Sword with underwater Propulsion Device and bubble guns

Skin Diving/Use of Mask-Fins-Snorkel

Fine Print

Spaces are limited. Registration for the series is required 1 week prior to the start of the series. Mask/snorkel and fins are required for Aquanaut group and must be furnished by participant. Drop-in spaces may be available on first come-first serves basis. Intro must be completed by the drop-in participant prior joining the adventure activity.

Contact Us

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Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Phone: 831.458.3648
FAX: 831.458.2352

M-SAT 10am-5pm *Closed Sunday

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