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The staff of Adventure Sports Unlimited (ASU) are truly unique individuals. Through their experience in diving the demanding environments of Monterey/Carmel Bay, the staff are highly trained and knowledgeable. Their understanding of the high level of equipment necessary to play in water spaces of our world is without parallel. However, what makes them really special is their compassion for people. For our charter is to train people to play, safely and enjoyably, in our complex water wilderness. This takes honed people skills to guide our customers into this amazing liquid space. ASU’s staff does this with a smile, and unrelenting positive energy to make all our adventures fly to the highest level of success. Plus, they are all unbelievable chefs…a great combo!

The Judsons


Ryan’s family started Adventure Sports in 1978, when he was just 5 years old. He has grown up with the business and is a true water-man. In 2009, he met Emily and they fell in love. Today, they have 2 children, Odin and Ophelia, and the family has taken the reigns of this well-oiled machine we know as Adventure Sports.

The Judson family likes to have fun. They like to travel to amazing places to dive, surf, snowboard, and just to taste life.

Dennis Judson


Not only was Dennis a PADI instructor, he was also a certified NAUI and ANDI (Nitrox) Instructor since 1979. He was an international excursion leader, world class beach/camp chef, and swim instructor and trainer. Dennis was very popular with the children he instructed and his distinct laugh and seal bark is missed immensely across the swim deck everyday!

Virginia Wedderburn

Owner / Travel Coordinator

PADI, NAUI Instructor. Retired Emeritus. International excursion leader and perhaps the most interesting woman in the universe and beyond. You are missed! We love you Ginny!

Kelly Margheriti
Director of Operations / Head Honcho

Kelly is the Aquatics Director at Adventure Sports. She has been teaching swimming at ASU since 1999 and has helped hundreds of kids excel in the water. Kelly has a gentle but assertive teaching style that even the most reluctant children respond to. Kelly works full time at ASU, but also enjoys reading and taking her dog to the park. 

Kyle Gorham
Swim Department Manager / PADI OWSI / Instructor

Kyle has been teaching with ASU since 2005. Kyle knows exactly what it takes to become an excellent swimmer and helps all of his students become just that. Besides teaching swimming with us, Kyle teaches our SCUBA classes! Come blow bubbles with him!

Emily Zimmel
Vice President of Adventure Sports Unlimited and SCUBA Coordinator

Emily has been with Adventure Sports since 2013. She currently runs the SCUBA diving and travelling program. She searches out ideal family-friendly beaches, resorts and finds out all the answers to your travel questions. If you have a SCUBA inquiry, please ask Emily and she can get it done for you! 

Teacher Dario

Teacher Beatrice

Teacher Claudia

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