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Currently on Hiatus – Searching for a Biologist willing to lead theses amazing excursions!

Gathering wild food from the sea is one of life’s great pleasures, bringing you closer to nature’s bounty and beauty. In our Seafood Foraging Class, we will walk along the seashore, wade through tide pools and listen to the ocean’s rhythm is an exhilarating way to energize your life and refresh your soul. Not only will you gather wonderful delicacies from the seashore, but you will also explore a vibrant—almost paradoxical world of elegant colors and mysterious creatures.

And of course, we will gather wild foods. Wild foods are natural foods—grown without pesticides or human manipulation. Certainly, wild foods are the most organic of foods. Learning to harvest wild food brings a new twist to home cooking, parties and camping. We are going to break the myth of foraging as some kind of a hunter-gatherer survival training and show you how to create delicious gourmet dishes. You will learn that foraging is very satisfying when you become a gourmet forager.

The tide pools on our north coast are prolific with colorful and healthy sea vegetables.  We intend with this class to explore these crystal windows into our ocean for delicacies to create a gourmet brunch,  Our quest in this class is to search for animals and plants to create a sushi meal of crunchy salads, succulent soups, and slivers of fresh seafood to augment our rice rolls-yum!  Sushi is best when the seafood is fresh and this offering will be the freshest.  We will introduce poke poling to gather fish for food artistry of our sushi meal.  The class will start on Friday night where we will plan logistics.  Sunday will be a day of collecting and preparing our gourmet meal.  Finishing touches for the feast will be assigned to the students.  It is a great class for the whole family to hunter/gather for a meal and learn about our ocean.  6-17 yr. olds must have an adult/guardian take the class with them.  An ocean only fishing license ($15.00 for one day) is required for collecting.

Private group outings are also available, call (831) 458-3648 for details.

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