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May 23rd-25th, 2020 $900 - Canceled 

Sept. 4th-8th, 2020 $1400

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The VISION is the Queen of the Channel Island Live-Aboard Dive Boats. She is spacious and comfortable, her crew caters to your every desire. The dive deck is well thought out and entry to and egress from your dives is a cakewalk. This is the standard by which all others are measured. We invite you to join us for some electrifying diving and well deserved R&R. The boat only supplies air-fills. Bring all dive gear. Rental SCUBA gear is available through Adventure Sports or at the dock.
The Channel Islands are a vast underwater park filled with sweeping canyons with swim throughs and beautiful kelp forests towering overhead. We do a Southern Channel Islands SCUBA trip over Memorial Day for 3 days and Labor Day weekend for 5 days every year. Join us and visit unspoiled Southern California diving!
Prices listed are per person and includes:
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • Snacks, fruit and candy
    • Coffee, tea and soda
  • Diving with unlimited air
  • Sleeping bunk
    • $150 Supplement charge for single occupancy in double bunk on both the Memorial Day and Labor Day Vision trip, when space is available.
  • Fun, baby!
Things not included in price are:
  • Parking at Santa Barbara Harbor ($3/day with validation:)
  • Beer and Alcohol
    • You can bring your own in a cooler with ice, there is no ice available for coolers on the boat.
    • We like to have fun and be happy, so every night at 5pm we will gather for a Happy Hour which will be communally provided!
  •  Nitrox ($6/fill)
  • Gear – you will need to bring your own gear; of course, if you need anything, let us know and we’ll hook you up!

A message from Truth Aquatics about safety

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Planning Your Trip

Adventure Sports hopes your experience on the VISION will be full of fun, smiles, and amazing dive experiences, as Channel Islands SCUBA diving is some of the best in the world. In order to help you better prepare for your multi-day stay on a live aboard boat, we have created this page for first time goers to get a better feel of what to expect and how to better plan and pack for this live aboard experience. There will also be a comprehensive email sent out to trip-goers before departure to ensure everyone has everything they need. There will then be a two-part quiz with a 2000 word essay….. Jokes:)

What should I expect about the food?
There will always be an abundance and variety of food to eat, but if you have specific food allergies or are vegan/vegetarian, please let us know so we can inform Truth Aquatics before they do their grocery shopping for the trip. They will gladly make special meals for people with special dietary needs.

What should I expect about the bunks?
The bunks all come with pillows and blankets and there is a thin vinyl covered foam mat and a privacy curtain. Most have a reading light and a small shelf. Many people will bring their own pillows from home as well as a sleeping bag or extra blankets and sheets to make their bunk more comfortable.

What should I expect about the bathroom facilities?
The main dive deck offers three bathrooms and two showers for a hot water rinse prior to or after the dive. In the bow of the boat below the kitchen, there are two common room sinks and showers for a more private shower or for shaving.

Where should I put my dive gear?
When you arrive on the boat, there will be a center island on the dive deck where there are stations for tanks. Pick a spot, assemble your BC, regulator and tank, weight belt next to tank on the ground and preferably a mesh bag with your other personal gear (mask, snorkel, fins, boots, gloves, hood, lights, stringers, etc). Wetsuits and drysuits get hung up below the dive deck down a short ladder at the back of the boat. It’s not a bad idea to bring a personalized hanger with your name on it for easy identification.

What should I expect about the diving?
The first morning there will be a general dive safety briefing. Generally speaking, you can dive as much or as little as you like. Once the boat is anchored at a site, the gates will be open for diving. Depending on conditions, the decision to stay or leave will be made. Once you come up from a dive, put your tank back in the same spot you started with and grab a red tag from the rear of the boat. By hanging the tag over your tank valve, you are indicating to the crew you need a fill.

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